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This is the rape joke:
My best friend was four years old the first time his father came into his room at midnight and tore out his throat. He still has days when I cannot hold him because the memory of a bleeding trachea haunts his doorway. He has not been home for the holidays in many years, but – even now – hands are seen as weapons.

This is the rape joke:
I have been told by more than twenty people that they have been raped. To all of them, I asked where the rapist was. From none of them, I heard ‘jail.’

This is the rape joke:
Once my brother told me that I was so ugly, I would be a virgin forever. Unless someone raped me. But even they wouldn’t come back for seconds.

This is the rape joke:
I believed him.

This is the rape joke:
I now look at every woman on the street and wonder if the space between her legs is a crime scene, surrounded by ripped caution tape. The statistics tell me that this is so common that I will never be in a room that does not contain a survivor. Not even if I am in that room alone.

This is the rape joke:
I was thirteen years old, and he was supposed to be just a friend.

This is the rape joke:
When his older brother came home, the boy pulled away. He wiped the tears from my face and said ‘we should do this again some time.’

This is the rape joke:
When I finally told my parents, they asked what I had been wearing.

This is the rape joke:
I had been wearing my innocence. My trust. I had worn the love I held for humanity and expected to be treated well. I had never been taught that I would be that girl, the one who keeps a mine of secrets between her legs – that girl was the slut. I wasn’t supposed to be breakable.
What had I been wearing? I wore the rape joke, then I became it.

This is the Rape Joke | d.a.s

After Lora Mathis’s poem “the Rape Joke

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The rape joke is that you were eight.
The rape joke is that at the time,
you didn’t know people had sex to express love.
The rape joke is that the only other person
who’d seen you naked was your mom.
The rape joke is that he called you ‘beautiful’ first.
The rape joke is that he held your hands together
and told you to ‘try harder’ when you struggled.
The rape joke is that you believed him
when he told you were overreacting.
The rape joke is that your grandma
called him a nice boy and asked him to stay for dinner.
The rape joke is that he winked at you
when you apologized to your parents for not coming
downstairs the first time you were called.
The rape joke is that his friends
high-fived him for “getting some.”
The rape joke is that you still don’t feel like
you’ve regrown the pieces he stole.
The rape joke is that he was conceived when his
dad slapped himself into his snoring mother.
The rape joke is that her friends told her
she was lucky someone wanted her.
The rape joke is that each year in the United States,
32,000 other women’s bellies
ripen with life against their will.
The rape joke is that he never learned
to touch without scarring.
The rape joke is that your classmate thinks
‘have you seen what asses look like in yoga pants?’
is an argument.
The rape joke is your new boyfriend kissing
you and telling you he ‘raped’ his math test.
The rape joke is that ‘Why are girls so scared of rape? Y’all should feel pride that a guy risked his life in jail just to fuck you’
is a popular Tweet right now.
The rape joke is that you wake up to
the memory of him laughing,
“now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”
The rape joke is that it’s been twelve years and
you still quiver when someone touches you.
The rape joke is that he hasn’t stopped laughing.
The rape joke is that you forgot how to.
The Rape Joke | Lora Mathis
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Excessive sweating is cute.
Dry mouth is cute.
Physically shaking is cute.
Blacking out is cute.
Nausea is cute.
Heart palpitations are cute.
Chest pain is cute.
Shallow breathing is cute.
Hot flushes are cute.
Forgetting how to talk is cute.
Humiliating yourself is cute.

It’s not adorable little shy giggly girls with pretty skirts & flowers in their hair.

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Ladies and gentleman, your host of this year’s Emmys!




I’m. Dead.




I’m. Dead.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm about to kill myself
inkyblinkypinkyandme inkyblinkypinkyandme Said:



please don’t, read this.


• I would miss you.

• It’s not worth the regret. Either by yourself if you failed or just simply left scars, or the regret everyone else feels by not doing enough to help you.

• It does get better. Believe it or not it will eventually get better. Sometimes you have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow.

• There’s so much you’ll miss out on doing.

• There is always a reason to live. It might not be clear right now, but it is always there.

• You ARE worth it. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.

• You are amazing.

• A time will come, once you’ve battled the toughest times of your life and are in ease once again, where you will be so glad that you decided to keep on living. You will emerge stronger from this all, and won’t regret your choice to carry on with life. Because things always get better.

• What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do? What about the things you’ve planned, but never got around to doing? You can’t do them when you’re dead.

• I love you. Even if only one person loves you, that’s still a reason to stay alive.

• You won’t be able to listen to music if you die.

• Killing yourself is never worth it. You’ll hurt both yourself and all the people you care about.

• There are so many people that would miss you, including me.

• You’re preventing a future generation, YOUR KIDS, from even being born.

• How do you think your family would feel? Would it improve their lives if you died?

• You’re gorgeous, amazing, and to someone you are perfect.

• Think about your favourite music artist, you’ll never hear their voice again…

• You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day

• Listening to incredibly loud music

• Being alive is just really good.

• Not being alive is really bad.

• Finding your soulmate.

• Red pandas

• Going to diners at three in the morning.

• Really soft pillows.

• Eating pizza in New York City.

• Proving people wrong with your success.

• Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life.

• Being able to help other people.

• Bonfires.

• Sitting on rooftops.

• Seeing every single country in the world.

• Going on roadtrips.

• You might win the lottery someday.

• Listening to music on a record player.

•Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

• Taking really cool pictures.

• Literally meeting thousands of new people.

• Hearing crazy stories.

• Telling crazy stories.

• Eating ice cream on a hot day.

• More Harry Potter books could come out, you never know.

• Traveling to another planet someday.

• Having an underwater house.

• Randomly running into your hero on the street.

• Having your own room at a fancy hotel.

• Trampolines.

• Think about your favourite movie, you’ll never watch it again.

• Think about the feeling of laughing out loud in a public place because your best friend has just sent you an inside joke,

• Your survival will make the world better, even if it’s for just one person or 20 or 100 or more.

•People do care.

• Treehouses.

• Hanging out with your soul mate in a treehouse

• Snorting when you laugh and not caring who sees

• I don’t even know you and I love you.

• I don’t even know you and I care about you.

• Because nobody is going to be like you ever, so embrace your uniqueness!

• You won’t be here to experience the first cat world emperor.


• Starbucks.

• Hugs.

• Stargazing.

• You have a purpose, and it’s up to you to find out what it is.

• You’ve changed somebody’s life.

• Now you could change the world.

• You will meet the person that’s perfect for you.

• No matter how much or how little, you have your life ahead of you.

• You have the chance to save somebody’s life.

• If you end your life, you’re stopping yourself from achieving great things.

• Making snow angels.

• Making snowmen.

• Snowball fights.

• Life is what you make of it.

• Everybody has a talent.

• Laughing until you cry.

• Having the ability to be sad means you have the ability to be happy.

• The world would not be the same if you didn’t exist.

• Its possible to turn frowns, upside down

• Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s shit, and never let them take you alive.

• Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Be your own hero.

• Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

• One day your smile will be real.

• Having a really hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day.

• Lying on grass and laughing at the clouds.

• Getting completely smashed with your best friends.

• Eating crazy food.

• Staying up all night watching your favourite films with a loved one.

• Sleeping in all day.

• Creating something you’re proud of.

• You can look back on yourself 70 years later and being proud you didn’t commit

• Being able to meet your Internet friends.

• Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate

• Skins Uk.

• Cuddling under the stars.

• Being stupid in public because you just can.

• If you are reading this then you are alive! Is there any more reason to smile?

• being able to hug that one person you havent seen in years

• People care enough about you and your future to come up with 100 reasons for you not to do this.

• But, the final and most important one is, just, being able to experience life. Because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now, literally anything could happen

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they were rescued from a testing lab, they’ve never walked on grass before

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"what the fuck is that?" you may ask

well lemme tell ya

dashcon is a huge tumblr themed convention packed full of events involving almost every fandom imaginable

areyoutryingtodeduceme and enerjax will also be there, as well as featured author megan l. eli!

there will be:

  • a cosplay contest
  • several fandom panels including a featured artist/author Q&A
  • a superwholock hunt
  • an artist’s alley filled with awesome artists
  • tabletop gaming
  • video games
  • a dealer’s room
  • fandom/cosplay Q&As
  • a convention wide book exchange
  • and much, much more!!!

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everything you love is here

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